Medsynapse PACS
Designed for Diagnostic Centers and Small Hospitals, Low Cost and Affordable Solution, HIPAA Compliant, Multi modality Connectivity, Image Processing Tools, Teleradiology Modules, Consistent Image Quality, Reportng Module

Medical informatics has changed the face and fate of the healthcare industry. Innovative inventions & cutting edge technology have given rise to flawless evalutions, faster diagnosis & speedy recoveries. With an endeavor to empower the health care industry with effective & user-friendly image transmission system, we have developed MEDSYNAPTIC PACS. It is an indigenously developed system, which allows distribution of images within and outside the Hospital using state of the art technology. It does not reqire installation of any software and can be operated directly from the browser providing unsurpassed ease of use from anywhere.
  • Designed for Diagnostic Centers, Small Hospitals
  • Low Cost, Affordable Solution
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Multi modality Connectivity
  • Image Processing Tools
  • Teleradiology Module
  • Consistent Image quality
  • Reporting Module
  • Web based Platform
  • Patient Management and Work list
  • Annotations and Measurement
  • Archive Module
  • CD/DVD Writing
  • Highly Secure with Audit Trail
  • Digital Signature facility
  • US FDA Approved

Dr Deepak Patkar MRI & CT - Head of Department, Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai
“I have thoroughly evaluated most of the products available in the market today and chose Medsynaptic. In our department we have been using Medsynaptic products like PACS and Teleradiology since many years and have found them to be stable, user friendly and offering great tools. Medsynaptic service is also prompt and available anytime. We are very happy with Medsynaptic products and service ”

Expert One at TATA-NEN
“Deserves a rating true to its potential and initial success received. Huge market and also largely underdeveloped in India at least, which gives it immense scope. Being experienced Medical professionals themselves, guess would know and understand exactly the products and services lacking currently for the Medical field, and if there is anything that enables the doctor to understand his patients better, it would surely sell. Reaching out across the country is an opportunity and gives future scope for growth as well. Also the added advantage of having the back end tied up with some of the most leading and large players in the Imaging/Health care services company also gives opportunities to develop solutions for the patients and Professionals. A one stop shop for Image and its management solutions is a great idea to achieve. With Medical tourism growing rapidly it is something that would offer opportunities world wide. However growing too fast needs them to keep a strong eye on fixed costs in view of expanding personnel and operating locations. ”

Expert Two at TATA-NEN
“The opportunity, the idea, the team and their backgrounds, the business model, everything is sound and on a solid footing. With little competition and an attitude of innovation, the company is slated to go places. Pioneering efforts like bringing teleradio to India etc. will also pay rich dividends. Clarity of thought and sound implementation skills are some other features of this company. The only thing that the owners have to guard against is complacency that could set in and put speed and growth on a reverse gear. If that is checked, there is no stopping this company. The only hitch could be mass acceptance as healthcare professionals have set ways to doing things and are less responsive to change as it concerns human lives. ”